Landmark University is a private University established by the Living Faith Church World Wide, committed to raising leaders who shall be equipped with skills and character to lead the world in meeting the needs of humanity-FOOD.

The focus is to assist the nation and indeed the continent of Africa in self -discovery so that she may recover her leading position in education and in civilization, as it was in the 20th century. The goal is to set the pace in making the Nigerian nation fully, competitively and profitably engage her comparative advantage in human and agricultural resource potentials and development.

Nigeria is a country endowed with immense natural resources, ranging from a wide expanse of land to varying degree of solid mineral deposits. In the 1960s, Nigeria was a leading exporter of agricultural produce. But with the oil boom of the 1970s, people’s interest in land cultivation began to wane which culminated in a massive rural-urban migration. By late 1980s, an erstwhile leading agrarian nation was committing a large percentage of its budget to importation of staple foods. This situation continued to increase till date. Although 70% of her population is still involved in agriculture one way or the other, it is at a subsistent level that cannot measure up to a 10th of her food requirement. Several attempts have been made by successive government to proffer lasting solution from Green Revolution to Operation Feed the Nation, all to no avail. Thus people perpetually go hungry in the midst of abundance.

The above scenario propelled by vision spurred Dr. David O. Oyedepo, the President of Living Faith Church World Wide, to lead the establishment of Landmark University as a catalyst for Agrarian Revolution. Essentially, it is committed to “raising a new generation of solution providers through the covenant channels of inspiration; an army of young people who will be committed to solving local problems and by extension commanding global influence

Our mission is to explore, apply, exploit and communicate new knowledge in a complimentary range of academic and professional fields in order to produce excellent graduate personality with sound character.

P.M.B 1004, Ipetu road
Omu-Aran/Kwara State